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Memorial Guide

This section refers to standard memorials that are usually erected in cemeteries or churchyards.

Memorials need to be of a material that:

  • Withstand the weather
  • Take a lasting carved inscription
  • Suitable for shaping and ornamentation

Historic data has shown that natural stone (slate, marble and granite etc.) has all the qualities required for creating a memorial that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but last regardless of adverse weather and the slow march of time

Choosing a memorial

As a memorial is a lasting monument and a tribute to a person’s life, perhaps erected as a final gift to someone cherished, it is very important to choose the memorial carefully, with consideration paid to more than cost and time.

Hasty decisions made while still in great distress frequently result in later regrets, so it can be sensible to wait - and to spend time on selecting a suitable design for a gravestone memorials or headstone for graves.

Selecting a Memorial Mason
: You may wish to use a company recommended by a friend or relative, or you may need to look around. Whichever you do, it is generally advisable to use one like the HEWSTONE that specializes in memorial masonry.

They should understand stone and so be able to give you reliable advice as to whether the stone you are choosing is suitable for the type of memorial you require - and for the area in which it is to be fixed. Weather, pollution and surrounding vegetation can have an effect on this. HEWSTONE's Memorial Masons are bound by strict Codes of Business and Working Practice and, should a dispute unfortunately arise, by the findings of a free and objective Conciliation and Arbitration Service.


General memorial information

Cemeteries and churchyards often have rules governing and regulating the kinds of memorials that can be erected, and often also the inscriptions and ornamentation that accompanies the memorials can be subject to review. These regulations can vary from place to place and it is advisable to check. A HEWSTONE memorial mason will be able to assist.


Cremation sites: Some crematoriums simply have a central memorial universally commemorating all those buried nearby. In others, memorials in the shape of headstones or plaques can be erected on individual plots.

NB: Before a memorial, be it a headstone or a plaque, can be erected in a churchyard or cemetery, written permission has to be obtained from its management. Your HEWSTONE memorial mason will see to this for you.


Responsibility for Memorials

Responsibility of your memorial is yours and not the cemetery or churchyard management. The maintenance of your memorial. should become dilapidated or unsafe is your responsiblity. Please remember that if the memorial becomes unsafe then certain steps may be taken to lay it down or remove it.


It is therefore wise to arrange for it to be regularly maintained - and insured. The HEWSTONE offers maintenance schemes, that include cleaning and checking.


A fitting memorial

At HEWSTONE we understand how important it is to choose the perfect memorial headstone; it’s a lasting reminder of a loved one. We create specialist statues, headstones for graves and monuments for cemeteries, churchyards and Jewish memorials. For further information about our catalogue of memorial tributes contact one of our expert stonemasons today on 020 8050 1472 to discuss your gravestone memorials.

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